Let me tell you what’s going to happen so you can prepare yourself. Soon there’s going to be a knock on that door and you’re going to be called outside. In the hall there will be a man who outranks you. First, he will complement you on the fine job you have done and you are making the world safer place that you are to receive commendation and a promotion and then, he is going to tell you that I am to be released. You’re gonna protest. You’ll probably threaten to resign. But in the end, I will be released.

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Dance School

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Those four/five blogs that are constantly featured in the vintage tag but their posts are definitely not feature-worthy (I’ve seen so many nice eidts/gifs on here and they are never featured, but the crap and reposts are constantly on there).

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-You’re leading again.

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can bob the builder fix my crumbling life

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I could be a really amazing pianist, if it wasn’t for the little issue of actually having to learn how to play the piano.

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It was easy to be intimidated by Marilyn, and I was. She was so goddamned beautiful. Luscious. Sweet. But the intimidation disappeared fast because she was so committed and so ready to get better. She listened like no one else, and she worked to the point of a migraine, and I would tell her to lighten up, go easy on yourself, but she couldn’t: She wanted to be taken seriously; she wanted to get it right. I bitch about my upbringing, and my sad mother and sad aunts and no men around and nothing but dead ends all around, but I had love and food and the space and the silence to dream. Marilyn didn’t have that. She told me once that she just wanted her own bedroom, her own bed, and a door she could close. And grass. Grass to run in. Trees to hug and flowers to pick. This was a girl who had nothing but the great gem that she was, and everyone got to hold and fondle that gem, and then put it back when they were done with it. She was happiest—for a time—when she married Arthur [Miller], and there was a country house and trees and fruit and flowers—and silence and doors.

-Maureen Stapleton in an interview with James Grissom, 1991 [x]

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#except for that one kitchen girl #that kinda looked like Arya Stark #she was chill

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Nicole Kidman in Batman Forever (1995)

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Deleted scene from the critically acclaimed film, Gravity.

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Ava Gardner: The Killers (1946)

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Andy didn’t quite develop relationships with people, except with Edie… He liked people who were sort of vulnerable and needed help. He was so lame himself, and to him everybody was sort of better than he was. So when he found a sort of lost soul, he sort of took a little interest, and I think he did that with Edie.
-Paul Morrissey 

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